Review for Ankle Sprain

  • Age n/a
  • Chronicity 6-18 Months

Treatment Ratings

    Almost Cured
    Strengthening Exercises

It is now just over 2 years since I had my ankle replacement operation and quite frankly up to about 2 months ago I really despaired for m future mobility. Unfortunately I did not have any Physio offered. My consultant felt it was not necessary. ..?? I paid for a private trainer to work with me 2days a week to both strengthen my ankle and leg as well as work on my core strength as your whole body needs to adjust and readjust to the physical change. I experienced all the symptoms bing outlined. Swelling all around the ankle and up my lower leg. Pain in the ankle and then referred pain in the lower back and hips. My consultant could not find anything wrong and carried out yet more tests, scans, both CT/MRI and ultrasound Yes there was obviously something not right but he did not know what and wanted to reopen he ankle to see if that would tell him anything more. I did not want this and so aid to see a podiatrist who recommended that I wore an ankle boot-not anything horrible -just a normal formal shoe but covering the ankle and giving it support.

At the same time she felt I needed an insole to support the arches. I bought the boots and wear them at work Monday to Friday It works! Within 2 weeks the swelling ad subsided. Most of the pain had gone and I feel much more mobile and at ease. I am still working with the hospital orthotics dept on an insole but I don't feel this is germane to the ankle problem Believe me it changed the whole situation almost overnight. After 2years of regret I now feel the operation was worthwhile.

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