Review for Ankle Sprain

  • Age n/a

Treatment Ratings

    Ice, Rest, Brace, Compression, Other, Strengthening Exercises

Ankle sprains suck. R.I.C.E. as much as you can stand. Start range of motion and resistance band exercise as soon as you're cleared by a medical professional (usually once the swelling/pain is managable). Get a good brace and use it every time, even if you're just out for a stroll. (
Further down the line, work on ankle stability (tree yoga pose, balance board, jumping rope)
Also (just in case you don't already do this) use the extra eyelet and lock lace your shoes ( I once left some shoes at my parents and my dad redid the laces for some reason (we have the same shoe size), and when I reclaimed them I didn't notice the extra loops were gone, along with any ankle stability. Guess what happened then.

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