Review for Ankle Sprain

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Treatment Ratings

    Physical Therapy, Surgery

About 10 years ago I had a severe ankle breakage after a motorcycle accident requiring orthopedic surgery and the implantation of hardware. However, I received great physical therapy and really threw myself into it (doing all my at-home exercises to the letter). After doing so, I returned to full capacity and can even do ultramarathons on trails. So if you are at all in doubt, go to an orthopedist/sports medicine specialist (not a primary care physician), get an x-ray and get physical therapy. These physicians are accustomed to dealing with athletes who need to heal completely -their patients cannot afford to wobble around for the rest of their lives. Also, I cannot overemphasize the efficacy of physical therapy to address a variety of movement and pain issues. Please try this first instead of narcotic pain killers (which is what you will probably get if you go to a primary care doctor).

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