Review for Ankle Sprain

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Treatment Ratings

    Physical Therapy, Crutches
    Almost Cured

The physical therapist is vital to a person's recovery both physically and mentally. After my fourth and most severe sprain, the orthopaedic doctor unknowingly put me in too low a boot along with a pair of crutches. Should have been in a knee high not mid calf high boot. After four weeks of PT without much improvement my PT decided to do ultrasound to break up scar tissue around the inside of the ankle just under the point of the ankle bone. The pain was tremendous when the ultrasound hit that spot and she looked at my xrays. She, not my doctor, spotted the fracture, and then my boot was readjusted, I had yet another four weeks with crutches and then I used a cane. Most importantly, she functioned as a sports pyschologist would. I had recurring bouts of PSTD reliving the moments when I stepped off a platform thinking it was longer than it was, being on point for a split second and then sitting sidesaddle on a ballooning ankle. It was hard going to sleep, it was hard to stay motivated, and it was really hard keeping myself in shape. She helped me through all of that. She also let me know what was good pain and bad pain, so that as the tendons and muscle strengthened and there was soreness, I could continue to push myself without worrying about reinjury. A year later, she had given me the tools to physically manipulate the joint myself. Almost two years now since that injury, and every day I am reminded of it, but I have the toolkit to work it out while I continue to workout.

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