Review for Ankle Sprain

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Treatment Ratings

    Almost Cured
    Physical Therapy, Ice, Rest, Compression

I sprained an ankle about 20 years ago, then sprained it again 1.5 years ago. I did the RICE thing after the sprain, then just wrapped it and hopped on the elliptical. As soon as I could I started running again. 'Cause that's what runners do. A few months later, I felt as if I had broken glass inside my ankle. Just happened on a random Sunday run. Long story short: running before the ankle had healed caused the scar tissue to stretch out. Which is, apparently, a bad thing. I went through PT, and can now run, but not pain free. I also have to keep up my PT exercises on my own. I ice my ankle every time I run. I found a wrap that is like a short, stiffer ace bandage with Velcro on one end. It works for me. Probably ought to get it checked out. If the doc wants to cut without PT, find another doc. One thing that the therapist said is that my hips are weak, which destablizes my ankle. She gave me exercises for that.

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