Air Cast for Ankle Sprain

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  • 04
    • Injury Status Recovering
    • Physical activity per week 4-8 hours
    • Chronicity 4 - 6 Months
    • Repeat injury? Yes

    Treatment Ratings

      Almost Cured
      Strengthening Exercises
      Rest, Air Cast, Taping, Crutches
      Not Improved
      NSAIDs - Anti Inflammatory drugs, Ice, Brace, Compression

    Rolled ankle dozens of times, only thing that makes it better is strengthening my ankle and shank. Everything else is just to help with pain and inflammation in the short term.

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  • salg13 Ankle Sprain

    • Age 18-34
    • Male
    • Chronicity 2 - 3 Months

    Treatment Ratings

      Almost Cured
      Not Improved
      Physical Therapy, Air Cast, Crutches

    hi, I fractured my talus in a jet ski accident back on August 30, 2015. I went for an xray the following day and no fracutrued showed on the result. The doctor had said it was severely sprained and gave me an air cast for 3 weeks. When i returned for my followup, i was still non weight bearing, still had pain to some degree,and still not too great on range of motion. The doc suggested physical therapy and gave me crutches. For the next month i did PT every other day, and my at home workouts. Went back for my 3rd visit, still in pain, barely walking unaided, some improvements on ROM. I had asked the doctor if this was permanent damage, and they said no, but sent me for an MRI. The results came back and showed a vertical undisplaced fracture of the talus with no fragments, the doc then gave me a walking boot(which i come to find out was the wrong boot).
    Feeling that the doctor wasnt taking my injury serious enough, i switched doctors. My 2nd doctor took an xray and reviewed my MRi and CT scan said that the fracture was still there a good 31/2 months later, and said that i would most likely suffer from arthritis in the joints. Then admitted that my case was complex and felt it was out of his league to treat me so suggested that i find a foot and ankle specialist. So the following week i make an appointment with a 3rd doctor who said im now suffering from post-traumatic arthritis, gave me the proper boot for one month and a fusion surgey might be on the table.
    Currently the pain is way less. Nothing most of the time while sitting around, and a slight pain while walking. I walk with a limp, running is out of the question. ROM is pretty darn good, no to minimal pain for the most part except when moving my ankle to certain angles.
    Im 31, of good health, don't smoke, occasionally drink, decently fit, work on my feet, enjoy to run, snowboard and is generally an active person. Im hoping to have this hear along without a fusion, as for everyday it tends to feel better and better. I have 2 weeks till i meet with the doc again to see what fate lies ahead for my ankle.
    i would love to be active again and would love to be able to snowboard. Im looking for some feedback/support for ankle fusion and TAR procedures. Ive been looking on forums and reading tons of stories online and its hard to find positive ones, but that being said i dont let them get me down, and have been pretty optimistic for an outcome.

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  • 25
    • Chronicity Under 1 Month

    Treatment Ratings

      Almost Cured
      Ice, Rest, Air Cast, Compression

    I suffered a severe ankle sprain in November during an incident on the subway stairs. I did the RICE thing, used an aircast for a few months, but I can tell that my ankle will never again be 100%. Wish I�d known about doing physical therapy right away.

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