Acupuncture for Ankle Sprain

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  • Amy Ankle Sprain

    • Age 35-54
    • Female

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      Almost Cured
      Acupuncture, Brace, Other

    I have severe ankle problems. A pain on the inside part of the foot around the bone. My affliction is PTTD - Posterior Tibial Tendon Disorder. I have a job and insurance. I spend a lot of money on trying anything, even if not covered by insurance. A doctor finally put me in an immobilizer, a soft cast, up to the knee. I protested but gave in. This is the only thing that has helped. Not drugstore ankle braces. Not creams. Not acupuncture, etc. You can buy these "boots" yourself. Eight weeks. Sleep with a drugstore brace. Look for ankle therapy. You will find a lot of good info. Good luck.

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  • Elizabeth1 Ankle Sprain

    • Age n/a
    • Female

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      Almost Cured
      Orthotics, Acupuncture, Other

    Several years ago I sprained my left ankle in a fall which also broke the right ankle and leg. The right ankle and leg were screwed together with plates. All the tendons and ligaments were ripped. Lessons learned about bad ankles:

    1) Find the best ankle orthopedic specialist you can � after three surgeries, he was the only one to find the piece of torn cartilage that was causing excruciating pain. He also removed the plates and screws, said that would help the pain and healing. The synovial fluid leak was also repaired (a tennis ball sized swelling).
    2) Consider acupuncture as an adjunct therapy. It helped the pain and swelling and helped unlock frozen joints. One needle instantly unlocked the frozen left foot.
    3) Writing the alphabet helps tremendously. I still do this eight years later.
    4) The injury has resulted in bone on bone arthritis in the right ankle. I wear ankle high hiking boots a lot, and Mephisto sandals in summer. Good support is important. Getting up off the ground is difficult, and causes immediate problems in the right ankle. Using one of those gardening chairs with folding legs makes it possible to garden and mop floors. Pushing up using arms and left leg, rather than all the weight on the ankles is helpful.
    5) Epsom salt soaks help swelling and circulation.
    Hot water, and a cup of salts in a wash tub, for as long as you can stand it.
    6) Good orthotics can help. If you can afford custom made, they are better. We prefer cork and leather, but they are hard to find. Easier to keep cool in hot weather.
    My son is also blessed with pronated feet.
    7) Don�t try to dance or run if you have the bone on bone arthritis. Even if your mind thinks you can, you�ll pay a price.
    8) Some physical therapists are better than others. If you�re not making progress, change. One told me that I�d have better movement if the ankle were fused. Today it is not, and I have really good movement.

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