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Ankle Sprain

Top Rated Treatments for Ankle Sprain

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AskDoctorJo30 Jul 20163 VIEWS
Ankle Strengthening Exercises and Stretches

These ankle strengthening exercises can help rehab your ankle or improve your overall balance and gait. Using a resistive band can help increase your strength with a 4-way ankle exercise routine.

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Marshfield Clinic14 Oct 20162 VIEWS
How to improve your range of motion after an ankle sprain

Here are range of motion stretches to return from an ankle sprain.
Chris12 Dec 20171 VIEWS
Acute Ankle Sprains Part 2 - Fremont College

Learn how to apply massage therapy techniques to an ankle sprain from lead instructor Lance Followell at

*It is not recommended to do this treament unless you are a...
Stronglife Physiotherapy06 Dec 20161 VIEWS
Top 3 Beginning Exercises for Ankle Sprain

Sprained ankle? Start with these exercises! If you've sprained your ankle, it's very important to maintain your strength and mobility to avoid re-injuring your ankle. A loss of ankle mobility alone can...
Chris12 Dec 20170 VIEWS
Acute Ankle Sprains Part 1 - Fremont College

Learn how to treat Acute Ankle Sprains from an experienced Fremont College massage therapist instructor. Be sure to watch both part 1 and part 2 of this video to learn all the different massage...
Chris12 Dec 20170 VIEWS
Massage Techniques for Acute Ankle Sprains

Acute Ankle Sprains Guide

Marshfield Clinic14 Oct 20160 VIEWS
Ankle taping for Ankle injuries

Ankle taping is one of the most commonly recognized skills of the athletic trainer and coach interested in returning athletes to play after ankle injuries.
Marshfield Clinic14 Oct 20160 VIEWS
Strengthening exercises for your ankle after an ankle sprain

How to return from an ankle sprain. Step 2 in returning from an ankle sprain is strengthening your ankle.

This post is part of "Sports Wrap" a series dedicated to helping athletes,...
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