DIY Heel Pain Scraping/Massage Tool Tutorial for Plantar Fasciitis

Lolly19 Apr 2017

Watch this video to learn how to massage and scrap your fascia and what tools you can use. In order to release dysfunctionally contracted fascia with scraping methods, you will need a tool to scrape the muscles and tendons.

The most important part of the video start at the 2:00 minutes.

This is very similar to other techniques that perform massage to the plantar area. This massage can be done with your fingers, with a scraping tool or with ball such as the Moji tool refereed in other videos. ll of this massage techniques are the most effective way of healing your plantar, together with good supportive shoes and inserts/orthotics.

You should do this twice a day when the foot is warm, i.e after a walk or a long standing period. You should experience some immediate relief and what is even better you should see some improvement as soon as the next morning.

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