Review for Plantar Fasciitis

  • Age 35-54
  • Female
  • 210 lbs
  • 5' 3"
  • Boscobel, WI
  • Injury Status Cured
  • Runner No
  • Doctor/Care Giver Charles F. Kind, DPM was the podiatrist who diagnosed and did the surgery.

Treatment Ratings

    Not Improved

Prolonged standing is a problem for me. That is what caused the problem of plantar fasciitis. Orthotic inserts, custom made, did not cure the problem. The tendon, plantar fascia, was straight and super tight. It was like a guitar or violin string. It should sag, like some of the telephone wires, on the telephone poles, do. Since the orthotic inserts did not, work, I had surgery. The super straight and tight tendon was cut. Then it was able to sag. I still wear the orthotic inserts, in my shoes. They help fill the gap, so that my arch does not flatten.

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