Review for Plantar Fasciitis

  • Age 55+
  • Female
  • 155 lbs
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Injury Status In Pain
  • Physical activity per week 4-8 hours
  • Chronicity 4 - 6 Months
  • Repeat injury? No
  • Runner No

Treatment Ratings

    Orthotics, Strengthening Exercises, Other, Supportive Shoes, Chiropractor, Rest, Massage, Ice, Compression Socks
    Not Improved
    Night splint, Stretching, Strassburg Sock

I've had this for five years. Nothing has cured it. Many things make it bearable. Good shoes/inserts/orthotics. Massage sandals by Kenkoh make walking around the house bearable. I apply essential oils for inflammation, doTerra Cypress, Lemongrass and Wintergreen with coconut oil. Ice really helps but it's hard to work that into the day. I think the Strassburg socks are an interesting idea, but when I turned sideways they made my knee hurt and I didn't want more injuries.

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