• Chronicity 2 - 3 Months
  • Runner No

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I used to have heel pain that I beleive was from either plantar fasciitis (inflammation) or plantar fasciosis (tissue death). I had self prescribed, sturdy arch arch supports due to a low arch and I wore soft shoes; RockPorts. I had heel pain at the end of each day. I read an article called, "You Walk Wrong" on the NYmag dot com site which made me consider that maybe what I needed wasn't a better shoe, but less of a shoe. I bought some minimals shoes by Vivobarefoot and after many months got used to them. My heel pain diminished and went away. As well my arch raised significantly; the arch muscle and ligaments and if they are always supported they get weak. I have progressed to walking barefoot whenever possible which is when it isn't too cold and when I am not at work. It makes sense to me that we have been on this planet without fancy shoes for 99.999% or more of our time here and that our biomechanics are hindered by modern day shoes and thus cause foot, ankle, knee and back problems. It is a big transition. It is a great thing to get all the sensory feedback from the soles of my feet, no more foot oder from confinement, toes are spreading as they should be and my hip doesn't get sore like it used to as well. The Society for Barefoot Living opened my eyes to the possiblity of not wearing shoes. It's a radical idea in today's modern culture, but to me it is as natural and beneficial as being bare handed now. Minimal shoes are a great way to start though. Take it slow; decades of "chronic" shoe use can take many months and even years to overcome.

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