Review for Plantar Fasciitis

  • Age 55+
  • Female
  • 140 lbs
  • 5' 4"
  • Rockaway Beach, OR
  • Injury Status In Pain
  • Physical activity per week 4-8 hours
  • Chronicity 4 - 6 Months
  • Repeat injury? Yes
  • Runner Yes
  • How much did pain interfere with your day-to-day activities in the past week? Somewhat
  • How much did pain interfere with your enjoyment of life in the past week? Somewhat
  • What best describes your pain level on average in the past week? Mild

Treatment Ratings

    NSAIDs - Anti Inflammatory drugs, Compression Socks, Proper Running Form, Supplements, Strengthening Exercises, Stretching, Weight loss, Taping, Rest, Massage, Cortisone Injection, Ice, Orthotics, Physical Therapy, Ultrasound Therapy

Heel pain random times.
Scar tissue grows on facia when stressed
Massage does help but returns next stressor
I am a 57 yr old Personal Trainer that runs 5k 2 to 3 times a week
Gym workout once a week and biking once a week.
Several years ago I tore the Facia on two sides.
After several YEARS of working with a Podiatrist I was pain free..
Now the orthotics seem to be breaking down and my insurance will not cover this.

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