Review for Plantar Fasciitis

  • Age n/a
  • Female
  • 145 lbs
  • Hospital of Special Surgeries
  • Injury Status Recovering
  • Physical activity per week 0-4 hours
  • Chronicity 4 - 6 Months
  • Repeat injury? Yes
  • Runner No
  • Doctor/Care Giver Dr. Rock Positano

Treatment Ratings

    Almost Cured
    Compression Socks
    Orthotics, Stretching
    Not Improved
    NSAIDs - Anti Inflammatory drugs, Cortisone Injection, Chiropractor

I was fitted with orthotics right away. I always wear them when exercising or walking long distances. I had 5-7 cortisone shots in both feet combined and that did not help.

I found the most success from wearing malleo trainers (compression ankle sock, often worn by ball players), stretching every morning and anti-inflammatory topical cream.

I can walk 3-4 miles 3-4 times a week. I used to walk 5 miles every day. It is a chronic situation that ebbs and flows and I have come to accept it.

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