Review for Plantar Fasciitis

  • Age 55+
  • Female
  • 135 lbs
  • Injury Status Recovering
  • Physical activity per week 8+ hours
  • Chronicity 4 - 6 Months
  • Runner Yes
  • Doctor/Care Giver N/A

Treatment Ratings

    Almost Cured
    Orthotics, Supplements, Strengthening Exercises, Other, Stretching, Weight loss, Supportive Shoes, Night splint, Rest, Massage, Ice, Compression Socks

Fell in a 10K race in January 2014, badly sprained ankle, out for 7 weeks, came back slowly, began running with ankle taped, in July on the last training run with our Couch to 5K runners, pain hit in heel, knew it was plantar Fasciitis, took off a week, then had a foot evaluation, got orthotics for shoes, went on-line, learned everything I could, found the plantar fasciitis institute, ordered their DVD, followed it and did the stretches every day, twice a day, I was also getting foot messages, weekly, I used ice, warm water foot soaks with Epsom salts, stretched constantly, wore and still wearing night splint, wore my running shoes almost constantly, Birkinstocks helped as did allegra shoes, used precrpition Ibuprofin only when really needed. Continued to run, I don't have, but I will not say I'm healed just yet. Been almost two years, this January, I went back in January 2015 and completed the 10K that I fell in and will also be running it in 2016.

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