Review for Plantar Fasciitis

  • Age 35-54
  • Female
  • 213 lbs
  • 5' 4"
  • Arlington
  • Injury Status In Pain
  • Chronicity 2 - 3 Months
  • Runner No
  • Doctor/Care Giver Dan Bhakta

Treatment Ratings

    Rest, Stretching
    Not Improved
    Ice, Cortisone Injection, Massage

About, 17 years ago, I could not figure out why my feet was hurting so bad, on my lunch break I would sit and cry. I started paying big bucks for my work shoes, and still no relief. I finely went to the podiatrist, and he said I had heel spurs, and plantar fasciitis, so I got the shots in my heel, and I can't handle that pain. Well about 10 years went by with no pain, and now it's back. I have this new Dr., and I'm trying to get off work to go see him. I can't handle the thought of the sticking me with a needle in my feet, that crap hurt.

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