Review for Plantar Fasciitis

  • Age 35-54
  • Female
  • 240 lbs
  • 5' 4"
  • St Paul, MN
  • Injury Status In Pain
  • Physical activity per week 8+ hours
  • Chronicity 2 - 3 Months
  • Repeat injury? No
  • Runner No
  • Doctor/Care Giver Summit ortho

Treatment Ratings

    Ultrasound Therapy, Graston Technique, Yoga, Strengthening Exercises, Stretching, Supportive Shoes, Taping, Night splint, Rest, Massage, Ice, Orthotics, Physical Therapy
    Not Improved
    NSAIDs - Anti Inflammatory drugs

I have a job where I walk on concrete all the time, I have a weight problem and Until recently I didn't buy the best shoes. In January I started working out and I suddenly had very sharp pain in my heel. From there it just got worse. I was icing and trying inserts and nothing. I went to Ortho Quick at Summit Ortho and they diagnosed the PF and 2 bone spurs. (They insist the Spurs are not causing the pain)They started me on PT which has really helped but it is day to day. Some days are almost pain free but some days are horrible. The ultrasound and Graston technique really helps. Stretching regularly throughout the day is a must. I now only ice after a long day at work. I have found that I need to keep walking and to change position regularly. Driving is really hard and the foot will tighten so I move that foot constantly while driving. I am working on strength and core training as well because I do have less pain on the days I do this. One more thing if you can changing shoes everyday does help. But no flats, no flip flops, no unsupported shoes and no slippers. My husband also massages the calf and Achilles every night with aspercream with lidocaine. Then I put the splint on. This calms the calf and I have less spasms. I have stopped waking most nights. The biggest factor is my weight and I am working on a plan to change that. One more thing, many people think this is just the foot but the issue also includes the calf and Achilles. I thought my Therapist was crazy the first day but after the 1st day I knew she was right. The stretching should be every 2 hours at the minimum, every hour is best. There are 3 quick moves you can do that will help stretch the entire leg and foot. If you skip that you won't heal. I do get frustrated with this and it has really slowed me down but I'm working on it day by day and hope to get it healed.

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