Review for Chiari Malformation

  • Age 18-34
  • Female
  • 108 lbs
  • 5' 2"
  • Loganville,Georgia
  • Injury Status In Pain
  • Do you have syringomyelia No
  • Chronicity 18+ Months
  • Number of Surgeries None
  • How much did pain interfere with your day-to-day activities in the past week? Quite a bit
  • How much did pain interfere with your enjoyment of life in the past week? Quite a bit
  • What best describes your pain level on average in the past week? Distressing
  • Doctor/Care Giver Dr.schiff
  • headaches Daily
  • Neck pain All the time
  • difficulty swallowing Often
  • dizziness Daily
  • Numbness and tingling Often
  • bladder and bowel dysfunction Yes

Treatment Ratings

    Not Improved
    NSAIDs - Anti Inflammatory drugs, Supplements, Meditation
    Massage, Rest, Opioids, Wait and See

My condition has made caring for my family harder and harder to do on a daily basis. I am a mother to two children, a 3 yr old and an 11 yr old step daughter. My symptoms started when I was a teen but worsended during my pregnancy and then kicked into high gear after my epidural, I don't remember much from that. I am physically and mentally exhausted from the constant pain and dizziness as well as the nausea that I feel. Nothing seems to make me feel any better and the doctor care I'm under seems to be making every decision to make me worse, the medications they've been giving me have been inducing a new symptom of seizures and they are now telling me it is not related. I have a constant feeling of fluid running in my ears and nose accompanied by tinnitus and a metallic taste but they are telling me it is just sinnutis. I know due to research this is not true. I'm waiting to get insurance through my church right now to have a CINE - to confirm what I believe this is to be- a CSF leak.

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