Review for Chiari Malformation

  • Age 35-54
  • Female
  • 380 lbs
  • 5' 5"
  • luna pier michigan
  • Injury Status Recovering
  • Do you have syringomyelia No
  • Chronicity 6-18 Months
  • Number of Surgeries 1
  • How much did pain interfere with your day-to-day activities in the past week? Quite a bit
  • How much did pain interfere with your enjoyment of life in the past week? Quite a bit
  • What best describes your pain level on average in the past week? Distressing
  • Doctor/Care Giver dr michael healy
  • headaches Daily
  • Neck pain Often
  • difficulty swallowing Not at all
  • dizziness Several times a week
  • Numbness and tingling All the time
  • bladder and bowel dysfunction No

Treatment Ratings

    NSAIDs - Anti Inflammatory drugs, Rest, Supplements, Meditation, Opioids, Wait and See, Surgery without dural opening

symptoms change day to day but i get a bad headache about once a week. i get dizzy when i lay down for about 15 min and occasionally during the day for no reason at all. i have random numbness and tingling in arms and legs mostly left hand. i get horrible tremors at times which i didnt have before surgery usually localized to my arms and hands but about once a month my whole body tremors. i get an overall feeling of being extremely drunk at times only way i know how to describe it to others. i work full time night shift and i dont think this helps the exhaustion i feel at times. overall i am better since surgery instead of 6 symptoms at once they take turns now. its just frustrating knowing i dont feel good and this appears how life is going to be. i do know weather and the barometric pressure mess me up i feel rain about two days before its here it feels like a balloon blowing up in my head with no where to go. but i push through and live life i just have to take naps now

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