Surgery with tonsillectomy for Chiari Malformation

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Trial FX12 Jul 201783 VIEWS
Arnold-Chiari 1 Decompression with Tonsil Removal

Chiari 1 defect allowing cerebellar tonsils to herniate through base of skull (Foramen Magnum) Trauma causes additional swelling of brain which exacerbates the compression at the foramen. Emergency...

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Anya08 Jul 20170 VIEWS
Cerebellar Tonsil Removal?

This article talks about both good and bad consequences of removing the cerebellar tonsils for Chiari treatment.
National Organization for Rare Diseases12 Jul 20170 VIEWS
Chiari Malformations - NORD (National Organization for Rare Disorders)

This comprehensive report of Chiari Malformation presents multiple different surgical treatments, such as bony decompression, cerebellar tonsil cauterization, and duraplasty.
Conquer Chiari26 Jul 20170 VIEWS
Cerebellar Tonsil Removal Abnormal?

Whether to remove, or burn away, the cerebellar tonsils as part of surgery is very controversial. Many doctors believe it is beneficial, while others consider it unnecessarily risky.
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