Physical Therapy for Fibromyalgia

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AskDoctorJo20 Nov 2016202 VIEWS
Fibromyalgia Pain Relief Stretches

Fibromyalgia can be tricky because you want to stay active with stretching and exercises, but you don�t want to overdo it. These stretches should help.

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Famous PT29 Nov 2016110 VIEWS
Fibromyalgia Pain Relief Stretching Program

Famous Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck demonstrate an effective pain relief stretching program for Fibromyalgia. This program is gentle and easy to do.
Lolly16 Jan 2018102 VIEWS
10 Best Exercises for Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is the inflammatory muscular disease that causes wide spread pain in several muscles simultaneously. Exercising can be quite beneficial is helping you cope with the fibromyalgia pain in...
Tessy24 Mar 201723 VIEWS
The Chin Tuck - A Neck Strengthening and Posture Exercise for Fibromyalgia

A great exercise for relieving many tension headaches coming from the neck. This exercise can be great for those who sit a lot at work. Learn more ways to st...
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