Meditation for Fibromyalgia

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Lolly16 Dec 2016448 VIEWS
Spoken Guided Meditation For Fibromyalgia

A beautifully crafted guided meditation for sickness and pain. Ideal for anyone suffering with chronic pain, disease, illness or simply to rejuvenate the body. Using meditation/visualization as a tool,...

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Do You Yoga23 Feb 2017112 VIEWS
Breathing Meditation for Stress Relief - Fibromyalgia

Watch this video to learn how to meditate to relieve stress and help with sleep.
Linda16 Dec 201633 VIEWS
Fibromyalgia Meditation: Relaxation, Grounding and Balancing

Stress Relief Meditation: Guided meditation on 'Grounding' with Linda Hall, personal growth facilitator and meditation teacher. Grounding is a powerful stress busting technique that brings you down,...
Linda16 Dec 20161 VIEWS
Guided Meditation: Deep Relaxation and Stress Release for Fibromyalgia

Deeply relaxing guided meditation with Linda Hall, personal growth facilitator and meditation teacher, to release stress. It's easy to be blind to the amount of tension you carry, so it's important to...
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