How To Get Up And Down From The Floor With Back Pain

Ofer11 May 2018

How To Get Up And Down From The Floor With Back Pain.

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"Hey! What's up? It's Ian Hart and today I'm going to go over 2 ways that you can get up and down off the floor that is going to help protect your back.
One of the ways is something I learned from Dr. Stuart McGill, he's the Spine Specialist at Waterloo, he is a professor up there. And then the other way is similar to a turkish get up and a turkish get up is an exercise that you can use for core strengthening, but it's also a great way to get up and down off the floor, just knowing the techniques. But we use the turkish get up - you can decide which one is best for you.
Personally, after going through this and just testing them out I believed that turkish get up can have less stress on the lower back, but they're both great techniques to getting up and down off the floor.
So I'm going to show you the first technique that I learned from Dr. Stuart McGill. When you get down on the floor, you're going to step forward to a lunge position. Make sure your abs are tight, your body is up straight, you're not hunched over. You're going straight down; you're bringing your foot back. From here your hands are going on the thighs; sliding your hands down. Remember you're pushing your butt back, the back is still staying straight. From here, you're going down on all fours, you get into the quadruped position, and then you're going to slide your arm forward (either one you can do right side but you're doing the same sides so right arm right leg, or left arm left leg). You're sliding the leg forward or the leg backward and the arm forward to your side and then you shift your weight and roll over make sure you're not twisting your pelvis, you're keeping your back completely straight. And there you go. You are on your back.
You just reverse the movement to get back up. So you rolling on to your side, get on your hand here twisting your body over. Make sure you're not twisting your back, back stays straight. Come back seated position, hands on your thighs, pushing your hips forward so moving from your hips not your lower back, one leg forward pushing through the heel and standing back up.
If you noticed my back was straight all the time. People with back pain have a hard time creating that pattern. I'm gonna show you on another video how you can improve that.
So now we're going on to the turkish get up technique. You will notice a variation of this. You're starting in the same position, you make the first move stepping forward getting into that position. The difference here is from here you're staying with your knee up keeping your back straight and now you're shifting your weight to the side and going down to your butt; then to your elbow, and then if you need to switch in position you can shift; and then you just lay back using your elbow. Make sure you're using the elbow, there you are you're flat on the floor. Same thing shifting back always using your elbow to support your abs; support your back. Get back on to all fours and then back straight, standing up and pushing through the heel..."

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