Seated Cat/Cow Pose for Lower Back Pain

Lolly25 Apr 2017

Sit so your back is not against the back rest of the chair and your head is over your heart, shoulders over your hips and knees over the ankles. If you have short legs you may need blankets or props under your feet and if long legs put blankets on the seat of the chair to get the upper legs parallel to the floor with the knees at 90 degrees.

Starting with Cat pose, exhale with belly going to your spine and your back toward the chair. Simultaneously round the shoulders forward with the head dropping. Then follow with Cow pose by inhaling and bringing the belly forward with sternum and chest coming forward and up with the shoulders coming back and head coming up and back, putting the back in a mild back bend.

Benefits: Helps with seated posture, stretches the spine and neck, massages the spine, back and internal organs by moving front to back, opens the chest to allow more breath to come in, The movement with the breath relieves stress and tension as well as calms the mind and nerves

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