Robert30 Aug 2016

I injured my back at 19 years old while at UC Berkeley. I required surgery to fix the severely ruptured disc. Well after 15 years the pain had come back and I was in severe pain and surviving
by inhaling 2400 MG of Ibuprofin. This strategy was causing intestinal issues. I was dreading surgery because the only option was fusion. So my internist recommended that I see Esther Gokhale and after 6 week posture course my life started to change. So two weeks after the course had ended a miracle happened. I woke up and did not need Ibuprofin anymore.

My life has changed! I no longer need to eat Ibuprofin like M&M's

By the way I am in the health insurance and hear about back issues everyday and I tell all of my clients the most cost effective and the least intrusive treatment is taking the course.

It is the best money I have ever spent on myself!


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