Review for Lower Back Pain

  • Age 55+
  • Female
  • 172 lbs
  • 5' 8"
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • Injury Status In Pain
  • Physical activity per week 0-4 hours
  • Chronicity 18+ Months
  • Repeat injury? No
  • Doctor/Care Giver Kalfas
  • Additional Diagnosis/Symptoms Sciatica (pinched nerve, radiculopathy), Spinal Stenosis, Herniated disc (bulging disc, disc protrusion)

Treatment Ratings

    Not Improved
    Physical Therapy, Cortisone Injection, Weight loss, Discectomy Surgery, Laminectomy (Decompression) Surgery, Epidural

I've had physical therapy, 7 shots of various media in my back. 2 surgeries. Nothing helping. Can't sit. Difficult to work on heavy pain meds on pain management. I hate taking pain meds but I can't function without them. Hate my life.

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