Review for Lower Back Pain

  • Age 55+
  • Female
  • 145 lbs
  • 5' 6"
  • Injury Status Cured
  • Physical activity per week 0-4 hours
  • Chronicity 18+ Months
  • Repeat injury? No
  • Additional Diagnosis/Symptoms Sciatica (pinched nerve, radiculopathy), Osteoarthritis (arthritis), Spinal Stenosis, Degenerative Disc Disease, Herniated disc (bulging disc, disc protrusion), Scoliosis, Muscle Strain

Treatment Ratings

    Stretching, Other
    Almost Cured
    Strengthening Exercises
    Postural Modifications
    Not Improved
    Heat, Weight loss, Massage, Physical Therapy, Ultrasound Therapy, TENS/Electrical Stimulation, NSAIDs - Anti Inflammatory drugs

Initial acute injury from lifting a child from a car seat. Chronic pain, stiffness, sciatica, loss of balance. MRI showed collapsed vertibra and 3 protruding disks, with s oliosis. Orthopedists, neurologists, physical therapy only very temporary relif. 12 years with no relief. Walking tolerated. Leg Pain when in bed. Stiffness in morning. Found a low back arch gradually relieved the pinched nerves and relaxed the muscle spasms. Took about 4 months for total relief . 3-4 times a day for 5-10 minutes. Took up ballroom dancing for exercise. Do bends and stretches. Strengthens core muscles. Then calcifications produced stenosis. Foot soles became numb and legs weak. Prescription for Lyrica. Almost Immediate improvement. Some dizxiness at first but now well toleratef. I dance vigoroudly 1 hour every day with psrtners. Balance improved markedly, numbness and weakness gone. Feel fabulous. Going to try a similar drug to Lyrica that is less expensive, a generic.

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