Review for Lower Back Pain

  • Age 55+
  • Female
  • 183 lbs
  • 5' 3"
  • Whitsett, N.C. near Greensboro
  • Injury Status In Pain
  • How much did pain interfere with your day-to-day activities in the past week? All the time
  • Repeat injury? Yes
  • Physical activity per week 4-8 hours
  • Number of Surgeries None
  • Chronicity 18+ Months
  • Have you been off work or unemployed due to low-back pain? Yes, for 1-3 months
  • Have you felt depressed or hopeless in the last 7 days? Often
  • How much did pain interfere with your enjoyment of life in the past week? All the time
  • What best describes your pain level on average in the past week? Distressing
  • Additional Diagnosis/Symptoms Sciatica (pinched nerve, radiculopathy), Spinal Stenosis, Degenerative Disc Disease, Herniated disc (bulging disc, disc protrusion), Spondylolisthesis, Muscle Strain
  • Additional conditions Neck-pain, Hip-pain, Knee-pain, Depression, Arthrithis

Treatment Ratings

    Not Improved
    TENS/Electrical Stimulation, Supplements, Strengthening Exercises, Other, Heat, Walking/Hiking, Supportive Shoes, Chiropractor, Rest, Acupuncture, Cortisone Injection, Ice,
    Mattress Change, Physical Therapy

I have been in pain for 25 years . I have been to orthopedic, sports Doctors, chiropractors, message, decompression, swim therapy and balance therapy. I have 7 spurs in my neck, L4 & L5 problems, degeneration of spine, bulges and pain across back, tailbone both hips, down butt cheeks and down to knees on both legs. sometimes pain so sharp I hollar, have had at least 5 or 6 cortisone shots. Can't sleep because it hurts on back,
and both hips when I turn over. Doctors say no surgery will help. I can't take pain pills and runs don't help. when I was twenty zi had a shadle block to have 1st. child. I was numb from neck down to feet for 12 hrs. This back pain has hurt off and on for 50 years. It has been steady pain for about 20 years. I have been to alot of des. but so far nothing helps. I have implant hip to control bladder so I can't get MRI but I did get the test where they run something through my body while they took pictures. that has been at least 10 or more years. It was called a Mylogram. I wish someone could help me, it hurts to sweep, make up bed, mend over, get out of chair or just turn from side to side. I do have some good days but not real often. My husband has had 3 back surgeries, one at Duke and he still hurts some. I know I will be 70 my birthday but I would just like to be out of this much pain. Thank u for listening

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