Review for Lower Back Pain

  • Age 55+
  • Male
  • 220 lbs
  • 6' 3"
  • Sterrett, AL
  • Injury Status In Pain
  • Physical activity per week 0-4 hours
  • Repeat injury? Yes
  • Doctor/Care Giver Dr. Goyne
  • Number of Surgeries 3
  • Additional Diagnosis/Symptoms Sciatica (pinched nerve, radiculopathy), Osteoarthritis (arthritis), Spinal Stenosis, Degenerative Disc Disease, Herniated disc (bulging disc, disc protrusion)

Treatment Ratings

    Epidural, TENS/Electrical Stimulation, Chiropractor, Laminectomy (Decompression) Surgery, Rest, Ice, Surgery, Discectomy Surgery
    Not Improved
    Inversion Table, Mattress Change, Strengthening Exercises, Heat, Brace, Massage, NSAIDs - Anti Inflammatory drugs
    Stretching, Physical Therapy

Was unloading 200 pound drums of freon from a truck and the driver pushed one off on me before I was ready. It knocked me down and landed on my upper back while I was in sort of a sitting position. I had one surgery that worked fairly well for 2 years. My second surgery was by another doctor. Something wrong happened and I woke up in intensive care. My heart had stopped. They got me feeling better and the surgeon released me to go home. I told him something was wrong because my back was still hurting really bad. He told me I had to give it time. I was hardly able to get our of bed for a week and was desperate so I called him and he operated again 2 weeks after the first one. This time it was better but I still had a lot of pain. I tried a lot of different doctors and different things. I finally found a great pain management doctor. She has treated me for 10 years giving me an epidural when it gets bad. One epidural actually lasted me for 2 years.

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