Review for Lower Back Pain

  • Age 35-54
  • Female
  • 140 lbs
  • 5' 5"
  • Columbia, MD
  • Injury Status In Pain
  • Physical activity per week 8+ hours
  • Chronicity 18+ Months
  • Repeat injury? No
  • Number of Surgeries 3
  • Additional Diagnosis/Symptoms Sciatica (pinched nerve, radiculopathy), Osteoarthritis (arthritis), Spinal Stenosis, Degenerative Disc Disease, Herniated disc (bulging disc, disc protrusion), Spondylolisthesis

Treatment Ratings

    Weight loss, Strengthening Exercises, Stretching, Heat, Spinal Fusion Surgery, TENS/Electrical Stimulation, Rest, Meditation, Cortisone Injection, Ice, Surgery, Epidural, Oral corticosteroids, Yoga
    Not Improved
    Ultrasound Therapy, NSAIDs - Anti Inflammatory drugs, Acetaminophen, Brace, Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, Swimming

I injured my back over 13 years ago and have been living in chronic pain ever since. I have had a Charite disc replacement which failed miserably at L4-L5. That resulted in a fusion of that level 2 years later. I was still in pain and after many diagnostic testing it was determined that I needed to get L5-S1.fused as well. 5 years later I still live every minute of every day in chronic pain. Meanwhile had an MRI last week which shows L3-L4 to be herniated and compressing on the nerve root. It's a never ending nightmare. Just make it stop! I exercise regularly and have a very strong core, I'm not sure where I would be without being strong.

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