Strengthening Exercises for Lower Back Pain

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Eldergym30 Aug 201651,139 VIEWS
Lower Back Exercise For Seniors - Hip Flexion

This lower back exercise will improve your lower back range of motion and flexibility.
It will help with activities such as doing the laundry, sweeping up with a dust pan or reaching to a low...

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24Hr HomeCare16 Aug 20168,517 VIEWS
Physical Therapy Exercises for Seniors: Combating Lower Back Pain

24Hr HomeCare and licensed physical therapist, Dr. Steve Sudell Jr., have partnered up to bring you a demonstration of exercises you can do to combat lower back pain! These exercises consist of the cat...
AskDoctorJo30 Jul 2016860 VIEWS
Swiss Ball Core and Low Back Strengthening Exercises

Swiss Ball Core and Back Strengthening Exercises (Basic): These Swiss Ball (or Exercise Ball) back strengthening exercises are a simple way to get your core strong. This will help protect your back and...
The Egoscue Clinic of Austin09 Oct 2017277 VIEWS
Exercises for low back pain- Egoscue

From the owners of the Egoscue Clinic in Austin, Texas, here are three exercises you can use if you are suffering from low back pain.
The Egoscue Clinic of Austin09 Oct 2017220 VIEWS
4 Exercises for Sciatic Pain

If you suffer from sciatic nerve referral pain, try the 4 exercises in this video.
Harborne Chiropractic Clinic16 Jan 2018183 VIEWS
McGill Big 3 - Curl Up for Lower Back Pain

This ab exercise, or crunch, is used to prevent and even relieve lower back pain.
Physio Med22 Aug 2016113 VIEWS
Back Pain - Exercise Guide

Full guide and exercises to help relieve lower back pain.
Lolly09 Oct 2017102 VIEWS
Lower Back Pain / Herniated Disc / Pinched Nerve Strengthening with Fitness Ball / Dr. Mandell

A simple and great exercise to strengthen the lower back. A weak lower back leads to many painful conditions including herniated discs, arthritis and sciatica (pain and burning into the buttocks and...
Lolly05 Mar 201899 VIEWS
Getting Up Off the Floor Correctly - Lower Back

Getting up off the floor without assistance can be tough if your muscles are too weak, you have arthritis in your knees, or if you simply have a hard time doing it, but this technique should help!
Jessica Valant Pilates04 Jul 201780 VIEWS
Lower Back Exercises - Home Exercises to Improve Lower Back Pain

These lower back exercises will help decrease lower back pain and increase lower back strength. These lower back exercises are taught by a physical therapist and Pilates instructor and will help...
Harborne Chiropractic Clinic06 Feb 201875 VIEWS
Side Bridge for Lower Back Pain

This is another spine-stabilizing exercise to help reduce back pain. It helps endurance in your abdominal and lower back muscles which can help protect your spine.
Harborne Chiropractic Clinic23 Jan 201875 VIEWS
McGill Big 3 - Bird Dog for Lower back pain

This exercise involves the core muscles, back muscles and even the glutes.
AskDoctorJo20 Jul 201657 VIEWS
Lower Back Pain Exercises and Traction

These reverse core trunk stability exercises can help prevent and relieve lower back pain. You�ll also see how to do some spinal decompression (or traction) at home to take some pressure off your back...
Jessica Valant Pilates04 Jul 201742 VIEWS
Exercises to Improve Scoliosis

Jessica again brings her expertise as a Physical Therapist and Pilates instructor to this effective routine created for people with scoliosis. These scoliosis exercises and stretches for scoliosis...
Lolly30 Jul 201635 VIEWS
Great strengthening workout for low back pain relief

Check out this strengthening workout for your lower back.
Foundation Training07 Feb 201730 VIEWS
Prone Decompression for Lower Back Pain

Prone Decompression: another solution to back pain. Strengthen the anchoring muscles below the pelvis, and the decompression muscles of the torso with our prone decompression video. Dr. Eric Goodman...
Eldergym30 Aug 201630 VIEWS
Lower Back Pain Exercises For Seniors - Bridging

This lower back pain exercise helps strengthen the hip extensors, buttock muscles and hamstrings. It also helps strengthen the low back and sacroiliac. This can improve your ability to stand and...
Eldergym30 Aug 201623 VIEWS
Back Strengthening Exercise for Seniors - Sit-Backs

This back strengthening exercise will firm your abdominal muscles.
It will help your ability to get out of bed or up from a chair.
Stronglife Physiotherapy06 Dec 20164 VIEWS
What Exercises To Do For Low Back Pain

These are 3 great exercises to help improve your ability to stabilize your spine. If you have low back pain do them 2-3 times a day. Once your pain is gone, do them 2-3 times per week as a maintenance...
Stronglife Physiotherapy06 Dec 20163 VIEWS
Top 3 Exercises for SI Joint Pain

Dr. Ludlow demonstrates 3 exercises to help get rid of your SI joint pain.
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