Alexander Technique for Lower Back Pain

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Lolly16 Dec 2016179 VIEWS
Alexander Technique: Sitting, Standing, Walking, Bending

Alexander Technique teacher Matt Pressman illustrates how the Technique can help with these everyday activities.

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Nicholas01 May 201787 VIEWS
Essential natural functional movements to restore your body.

Introducing a variety of these natural moments in your daily activities will keep your body strong flexible coordinated and balanced. These movements are ess...
Lolly16 Dec 201636 VIEWS
Alexander Technique Lesson

Alexander technique - a first lesson with Diana Devitt-Dawson.
Lolly16 Dec 201634 VIEWS
Alexander Technique Lie Down

A demonstration of the Lie Down from Alexander Technique
Lolly16 Dec 201628 VIEWS
Alexander Technique Constructive Rest, Guided Video

Do you have tension? Stress? Try this: Lie down on your back with a book or two under your head. Bend your knees so your feet are flat on the floor. Follow this guided session to get started on your...
Lolly16 Dec 201622 VIEWS
Alexander Technique Squatting and Sitting

The purpose of this video first and foremost is to remind my clients how sit and squat, (safely, easily and mindfully) from standing to sitting and into a full squat. This movement is a position of...
Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique16 Dec 201617 VIEWS
Text Neck and the Alexander Technique

The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique are looking at how to prevent the impact text neck has on so many mobile device users. Follow these five simple tips.
Lolly16 Dec 201610 VIEWS
Try the Alexander Technique at your desk.

A technique used by actors to reduce tension and increase poise can lead to a long-term fix for chronic back pain. Certified Alexander Technique instructor Mary McCann gives's Rick Chillot...
Lolly16 Dec 201610 VIEWS
The Alexander Technique: First Lesson

This introduction to the Alexander Technique teaches you how whatever your head is doing will affect the whole.
Lolly16 Dec 20167 VIEWS
Posture awareness with the Alexander Technique

How semi-supine can help improve your posture and your back pain.
Bill16 Dec 20167 VIEWS
Alexander Technique: Moving in and Out of the Chair

Sitting can make you slump. Learn how to improve your movement into and out of the chair.
Bill16 Dec 20167 VIEWS
Alexander Technique: Sitting at the Computer

When you are the computer, give a moment to pay attention to how you are using your body.
Nicholas01 May 20174 VIEWS
How to activate postural reflexes and dynamic breathing to perform well.

Alexander technique principles and procedures.
Nicholas01 May 20174 VIEWS
Restorative sequence of movements

Restorative sequence of movements harnessing the ground , gravity, breathing and conscious thinking.
Bill16 Dec 20162 VIEWS
Alexander Technique: Postural Extremes

Learn how to explore your body's postural extremes in this Alexander Technique tip.
Nicholas01 May 20172 VIEWS
How to sit with ease and comfort in meditation.

One of the biggest obstacles and challenges in meditation is to feel comfortable in the body while sitting. Your body needs to be in okay condition to experi...
Bill16 Dec 20160 VIEWS
Alexander Technique: Getting Down and Up off the Floor
Alexander Technique: Getting Down and Up off the Floor

This video demonstrates how to get down and up off the floor.
Lolly09 May 20170 VIEWS
Physical Therapy and the Alexander Technique

In this article, you'll learn what the Alexander Technique does improve or eliminate back pain. It also has tips on how to identify unnecessary muscular tension and improve your general body use.
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