McKenzie Method for Lower Back Pain

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Eaton Chiropractic30 Aug 2016192 VIEWS
McKenzie Seated Deep Back Stretch-Kennesaw Chiropractor-WHI

Watch our video to learn how to do a Seated Deep Back Stretch, part of McKenzie Stretching.

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The Health Quest04 Oct 201647 VIEWS
McKenzie Press Up for Lower Back Pain

The McKenzie Press Up is a great exercise for everyone who spends a lot of time in a flexed position. If you work at a desk, sit a lot or if cycling is your sport this exercise can be of great benefit...
Howcast04 Sep 201627 VIEWS
How to Do McKenzie Cobra Style Exercise | Back Pain Relief

The great thing about this exercise is that you could do it in the office if you're having an office issue with sitting because you just need to stand and find a place to stand. And the key to the...
Eaton Chiropractic30 Aug 201619 VIEWS
McKenzie Low Back-Kennesaw Chiropractor-WHI

Watch our video to learn about low back relaxation from the McKenzie Method.
Howcast04 Sep 201616 VIEWS
How to Do McKenzie Positions at Home | Back Pain Relief

Prone on elbows is McKenzie's position of choice for acute or moderate back pain.
Eaton Chiropractic30 Aug 201612 VIEWS
McKenzie Knee to Chest-Kennesaw Chiropractor-WHI

Watch our video to learn how to do the knee to chest McKenzie stretch.
Howcast04 Sep 20169 VIEWS
How to Do McKenzie Upward Dog Exercise | Back Pain Relief

There are a couple of different ways to do the exercise. One way to do it is to kind of press all the way up on your hands and then come right back down flat again, and then repeat over and over,...
POGO Physio26 Aug 20166 VIEWS
How to Relieve Lower Back Pain with McKenzie Cobra Extensions

This exercise is for people who experience Low back pain in forward bending positions.
Eaton Chiropractic30 Aug 20166 VIEWS
McKenzie Press Ups-Kennesaw Chiropractor-WHI

Press-ups are another technique to treat lower back pain from the McKenzie method. Watch our video for a demonstration.
Eaton Chiropractic30 Aug 20163 VIEWS
McKenzie Lying on Stomach-Kennesaw Chiropractor-WHI

Watch our video to learn about the McKenzie stretching method of lying on your stomach.
Posture Doc30 Dec 20161 VIEWS
Mckenzie Exercise For Disc Bulges and Disc Herniations

If followed carefully, can be miraculous if you have true disc derangement. If sciatica flares...stop immediately.

This move is especially worth a try if you find yourself leaning to the...
Paula28 Feb 20170 VIEWS
McKenzie Exercises to help your back

Dr Paula Moore posture doctor shows you the 'magic' lumbar disc exercise.
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