Postural Modifications for Lower Back Pain

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Gokhale Method25 Aug 201617,639 VIEWS
End Back Pain with Stretchlying

The Gokhale Method provides new posture-modified approaches to every aspect of life. Since we spend a third of our lives lying down, it makes sense to use that time to make your back happier and...

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Gokhale Method25 Aug 20167,402 VIEWS
End Back Pain with Stretchsitting

Stretchsitting is the easy way to sit up straight. It's probably the most famous of the Gokhale Method techniques for better posture and less back pain.
Lolly10 Aug 20163,544 VIEWS
Find your primal posture and sit without back pain: Esther Gokhale at TEDxStanford

Esther Gokhale speaks on the importance of a healthy posture in treating back pain.
Gokhale Method25 Aug 20161,989 VIEWS
Gokhale Moment: Rib Anchor

Most people aren't aware that they're creating tension in the mid-back by arching the spine. Here, Esther shows you how to "anchor" your ribs for a more relaxed and upright upper body.
Dr. Jose19 Jul 2016749 VIEWS
EASY Trick to Improve Posture to Help Lower Back Pain

Simple Solution to Improve Your Posture While Sitting
Eldergym30 Aug 2016312 VIEWS
Correcting Bad Posture: Shoulder Circles

Improve the flexibility of your shoulders and rib cage. Helps bring your spine into a better erect posture. This is a great exercise to do to "set" your spine and shoulders during the day.
Posture Doc28 Dec 2016262 VIEWS
The Best Sleeping Position and How to Get Out Of Bed for Lower Back Pain

Learn the best sleeping position with the least amount of stress on your body. learn how to roll out of bed in the morning without hurting yourself!
Vita Chiropractic and Wellness Center27 Aug 2016241 VIEWS
What is Proper Posture?

Poor posture is one of the biggest causes of spinal disfunction. Therefore, it's so important that we have good posture. These are some tricks you can do throughout the day to correct your posture.

eHow23 Aug 2016204 VIEWS
How to Improve Your Posture with 3 Simple Exercises

Three simple exercises can be used to improve even the worst postures. Improve your posture using three simple exercises with help from personal trainer, Emily Wenzel, in this free video clip.
Live Sonima15 Nov 2017185 VIEWS
Pain Free: How to End Lower Back Pain

The causes of lower back pain can be elusive. Often pain is the result of years of improper movement due to postural misalignments in the body. In this video Pete Egoscue, founder of the Egoscue Method...
Lolly16 Dec 2016176 VIEWS
Alexander Technique: Sitting, Standing, Walking, Bending

Alexander Technique teacher Matt Pressman illustrates how the Technique can help with these everyday activities.
AskDoctorJo25 Aug 2016124 VIEWS
How to Improve Posture at Your Computer

Bad posture while working on the computer all day long can cause all sorts of pain and problems. Even though it might feel weird and uncomfortable at first, there are some easy changes you can make to...
Dr. Siobhan France12 Jun 2017117 VIEWS
Improve Posture While Sitting at Work - Lower Back Pain

When you change your sitting posture you can minimize back and joint discomfort and feel far more comfy and relaxed while sitting. Instead of squirming around continuously, you'll be able to sit...
Posture Doc28 Nov 201788 VIEWS
How To Correct Posture At A Computer

How to set up your computer workstation to reduce pain and strain from the posture of desk job syndrome.
Foundation Training07 Feb 201787 VIEWS
A Simple Movement to Relieve Back Pain

Would you like a quick and simple movement you can do right now to help relieve your pain? Back pain, knee pain, muscle pain, joint pain, headaches and more happen - in large part - because of how we...
Kai30 Aug 201685 VIEWS
5 Habits That May Be Harming Your Posture And Causing You Pain

No matter who you are, this video applies to you!! Because chances are you, or someone you know, suffers from pain, related to poor posture!
Lolly27 Apr 201781 VIEWS
Best Sleeping Position

The best sleeping position for you shouldn't be something you lose sleep over! Doctor Jo will show you how to get your body in a neutral sleeping position for a better night's sleep.
Upright Health24 Jan 201778 VIEWS
Breathing Exercises for Improved Posture

Josh and Kristen explain why proper breathing is very important to muscular health, movement, and posture. This is an exercise to work on breathing into your diaphragm in order to align your body...
Paula28 Feb 201771 VIEWS
Best Lower Back Exercise for Lower Back Pain

Paula Moore, the posture doctor and creator of posture videos introduces the amazing spine shift exercise for stiff lower backs.
Dr. Jose19 Jul 201660 VIEWS
Best Sleeping Position for Lower Back and Neck Pain

Best Sleeping Positions to Prevent Neck and Low Back Pain.
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