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Neck pain

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Yossi03 Jul 201820 VIEWS
How to Stretch Your Neck
How to Stretch Your Neck

Simple stretches and exercises to help prevent neck pain and stiffness.
AskDoctorJo29 Aug 20168 VIEWS
Neck Pain Stretches & Exercises - Ask Doctor Jo

Doctor Jo shows you some simple stretches for neck pain. Remember to be very careful with neck stretching exercises, and make sure you have a proper diagnosis from your doctor. Rotation, side bending,...

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Yoga Tune Up13 Dec 20162 VIEWS
Marshfield Clinic14 Oct 20161 VIEWS
Daily Stretching for Neck Pain

In this video, Donna Fetting, a Marshfield Clinic physical therapist, demonstrates eight easy stretches to relieve neck pain and improve posture. Add these stretches and exercises to your workday....
Love Yoga Anatomy11 Oct 20161 VIEWS
Yoga for Neck, Upper Back Pain

In this video you will learn how neck and upper back pain and how yoga can help.
Do You Yoga22 Feb 20170 VIEWS
Office Yoga for Neck Pain

A seated yoga routine that focuses on the neck, upper mid back, and shoulders.
Jeff04 Aug 20160 VIEWS
Chiropractic Adjustment Demo for Neck Pain Relief

Dr. Echols treats neck and shoulder pain.
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