Weight loss for Knee Pain

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Lolly13 Mar 201894 VIEWS
How Can I Do Squats with Bad Knees?

Strengthen your knees and help yourself lose weight with these tips!


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Dr. David Geier16 Aug 201630 VIEWS
Obesity and its effects on knee osteoarthritis

Even losing 10lbs can make a huge different for those suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee. Talk to your doctor about ways to lose weight, including a healthy diet and exercise like swimming or...

Frontline Medical Communications11 Aug 201620 VIEWS
Weight Loss Slows Knee Arthritis

Weight loss in obese patients with knee osteoarthritis has been shown for the first time in a prospective study to have beneficial structure-modifying effects upon knee cartilage.

This is...

Upright Health24 Jan 20171 VIEWS
Will losing weight reduce joint pain?

Matt and Josh answer a common question/concern of many people which is - will losing weight reduce my joint pains?

Healthline16 Aug 20160 VIEWS
Osteoarthritis Diet: Eating Right
Osteoarthritis Diet: Eating Right

The Importance of Losing Weight: Avoiding extra fat doesn�t just take weight off your knees. Body fat is metabolically active, capable of producing hormones and chemicals that actually increase levels...

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