Review for Bunion

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Treatment Ratings

    Massage, Stretching, Toe Separator

I've never worn heels or narrow-toed shoes but in my late 50s found myself with a bunion and incipient hammertoe on one foot. Did research that suggested you can avoid surgery if you catch the problem before tendons/ligaments contract irrevocably. I started with an inexpensive pair of toe spacers from the drugstore -- little gel thingies to insert between the big and second toes, which immediately straightened the hammertoe. Moved on to another inexpensive set of toe spacers you insert all your toes through. These have helped stretch the tendons, ligaments, and fascia of my other foot, which tends to cramp during Pilates. I've learned that immobilizing feet inside shoes is not a good thing. There are all kinds of stretches and exercises, even vigorous massage, that will keep your feet strong and flexible, and as you tighten with age you have to work harder at this -- as indeed you must work harder to maintain your body as a whole.

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