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Treatment Ratings

    Almost Cured
    Supportive Shoes, Toe Separator, Vaseline/Lubricant, Bunion socks
    Not Improved

The thing that helps me (I have a mild bunion--thanks Mom) is wearing yoga toes. They're kind of hard to explain, but they are rubber toe spacers that hep stretch out your feet. I wear the yoga toes around the house. Mosty when I'm hanging out watching a movie or reading. They were pretty uncomfortable at first, so I could only keep them on for 10 minutes or so at a time, but over time, my feet have adjusted, and I can wear them for much longer.

I apply either body glide or similar or my feet before I lace up, but other than a sock (prefer Balega or Smartwool), I don't wear anything special for the bunion. I tried KTape, but I it didn't do much and didn't stay put for long. I've used it elsewhere for shin and knee issues, without any problems, but maybe I didn't do it well. I only tried it once.

If you have a good yoga teacher, you might also ask her (or him) about ways to stretch your feet. There are a couple poses that really hurt at the time but do wonders. But you want to have someone who knows what they are doing show you in person.

Lastly, I'll say that I used to wear Sauconys, but I switched to Nikes after trying on a pair of the Frees. I don't run in the Frees, but they have a wider toe box, and when I tried them on, I realized that the shoes I had been wearing were largely to blame for that blister. I isn't completely goe (I still have a bit of a callous there), but it's nowhere near as bad as it was in the other shoes. I've been reading about Hokas elsewhere on the forum and it sounds like there are a few styles that are less narrow than others.

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