Yoga for Bunion

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  • Carrie Bunion

    • Age 35-54
    • Female
    • 155 lbs
    • 5' 5"
    • Nashville , tn
    • Injury Status In Pain
    • Physical activity per week 4-8 hours
    • Chronicity 4 - 6 Months
    • Repeat injury? No

    Treatment Ratings

      Not Improved
      Orthotics, Supportive Shoes,

    Would like to find a cure without surgery

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  • Lyssa Bunion

    • Age n/a
    • Female

    Treatment Ratings

      Almost Cured
      Other, Bunion pad/bootie, Yoga
      Not Improved
      Bunion Splint

    Bunion Booties are much more comfortable than rigid splints.. I tried the Bunion Aid and I could never say my toes could move freely, it was the most constricted and painful device I�ve tried for bunions. I couldn�t wear it with shoes or to bed without flinging it across the room in the middle of the night. I much prefer Bunion Booties and yoga to help with bunions. I�ve also noticed that if I avoid white foods that cause inflammation, I�m much more comfortable. Epsom salt is one I always forget about, but is a great suggestion also

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  • Anonymous Bunion

    • Age 35-54
    • Female
    • Injury Status Recovering
    • Physical activity per week 8+ hours
    • Chronicity Under 1 Month
    • Repeat injury? No

    Treatment Ratings

      Toe Separator, Yoga

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