Treatment Ratings

    Massage, Strengthening Exercises, Foam Rolling

I've had runner's knee off and on for the past year. I saw my Sports Med doctor and he diagnosed me with runner's knee and I received a script for PT. Doing the exercises with the physical therapist wasn't that big of deal but rather learning the proper exercises for home use to strengthen the muscles surrounding my knee as well as my hip and glutes was the most beneficial. In addition, I make sure to foam roll before and after any runs longer than 5 miles (especially my IT band). And I see a massage therapist every other week to work on tight leg muscles.

I do find that sitting with bent legs causes the worst knee pain of all so I make sure to sit with straight legs whenever possible and take walking breaks often. It was often the worst during long drives so I try to trade off driving to reduce the number of hours in a seated position.

All of these have resolved my knee issues.

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