• Injury Status In Pain

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    Not Improved
    NSAIDs - Anti Inflammatory drugs, Ice, Rest, Brace, Stretching, Strengthening Exercises

I am a 26 yr old life long basketball/biker/rollerblader/mobile individual. Been very lucky in life to have avoided serious injuries. Come Jan �12 I had fell into a routine of playing 3 times a week, officiating the game the other 4 days. Because of this I developed extreme knee pain, and what my doctor told me was runners knee. For the next 3 months I did his recommended stretches, exercises, icing, and rest. I had good days; I had bad days, and saw very little improvement in the pain. Had not run, or played basketball, even biking and swimming irritated it enough to set me back a week in progress. In May the pain became so back I went back to the doctor. He convinced me to get an MRI, it showed nothing, he felt nothing new in the examination, gave me some new stretches, and sturdy brace to keep the kneecap in check, and told me �It will get better�. I have been reading other posts and understand it takes time. Since I last went to the doctor in May, I went through phases of it getting better, but then randomly with one wrong step on flat ground I will feel the knee pop and know I just fell 2 weeks backwards in progression. The whole thing is driving me nuts. I have respected the injury and the healing. I wore the brace, I did the stretches, I ice constantly, I have been taking Ibuprofen routinely since Jan, I have yet to run or really even tested the knee other that extended period of walking. About a week ago I was in the best pain free position I had been since the injury. Barely any pain, didn�t need to wear the brace, was walking well and developing strength while brace less. It has been my understanding that the best way to regain strength and confidence before jogging would be light biking and swimming. I hopped on a bike for a � mile ride over to the pool, only peddling with the strong leg while letting the weak knee just go through the motion. When I got off the bike and began to walk over to the pool, I notice the knee was very weak, but I figured it was just from not experience that motion in months. I got into the pool, began to walk, and did some light jogging motion underwater. I immediately noticed that this did me no good. The knee was painfully popping multiple times with each flex, its felt extremely weak, and the swelling was coming right back. I stopped immediately. Im now back to square 1 with the pain, weakness, and immobility. Should I have worn a brace on the bike and in the pool even though it brings discomfort? The stretches my doctor recommended initially were -Standing alternate TFL stretch -Quad flexion SLR stretch -Clamshell for gluteus maximums strengthening. I will admit these stretches did help in the recovery when I was initially doing them in May, however when I do them now I see no strength added, and in fact bring about more pain while completing them. This is the brace given to me by the doctor. http://www.betterbraces.com/donjoy-l...lla-knee-brace It helped stabilize when pain was at its worst; however there have been many times throughout this whole ordeal where I begin to feel that the brace is actually irritating the injury even more. Also, due to the metal stabilizers on each side of the brace, it is too uncomfortable to wear when sitting with the knee bent. Bottom line, I am completely lost on how I can fully recover. It has been 9 months now. I feel like for the 10th time I am back to beginning in my recovery. When I am able to walk normal without a brace I am waiting AT LEAST a month before I even so much as jog. I am scared to death of getting on a bike again or even getting into water to test the knee even more. I want to beat this, I know I can beat this, but everything I have done can�t get me over the hump of pain and discomfort.

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