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    Barefoot Shoes, Strengthening Exercises

I must say I agree with strength exercises, but specifically for your feet. The theory is: you've coddled your feet your entire life. They're weak.
Taken from another comment I wrote recently:
I'm also really flat footed and I pronate. My solution? I ditched the heavy "motion control" running shoes and instead transitioned to minimalist shoes.
First, ran for about 6months with brooks cascadia. Smaller heel to toe drop than I was used to. More of a neutral shoe.
Now I run with new balance minimus trail.
Why? I believe that my feet, knees, etc were designed for running and that any of these attempts to "correct" my feet and form with advanced running shoes (recent inventions really) would eventually lead to some kind of injury.
It's been great. Knee pain has disappeared. My feet and ankles are noticeably stronger. And when I went back to my local running store to analyze my feet with their fancy equipment, somehow, after those 6 months or so, they said I have a "nice arch" (again, flat footed my whole life). I think my arch has really strengthened because I am no longer supporting it artificially with those shoes.
Good luck!

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