Acupuncture for Runner's Knee (PFPS)

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  • katie Runner's Knee (PFPS)

    • Age < 18
    • Female
    • 149 lbs
    • 5' 2"
    • Canada, Ontario
    • Injury Status In Pain
    • Physical activity per week 0-4 hours
    • Chronicity 0 - 6 Months
    • Repeat injury? Yes

    Treatment Ratings

      Not Improved
      Physical Therapy, Ice, Cortisone Injection, Acupuncture, Rest, Brace, Taping,

    In august I had taken a step over somethings and had heard a pop in my knee and couldn't walk on it, I had gone to the hospital as it has also automatically swelled up, like you couldn't even see my patella (knee cap) and they had prescribed me toradol and was on that, crutches and immobilizing brace for about 2 months from mid August to mid October. I then saw our orthopaedic surgeon and he said my MRI was clean and that I had PatelloFemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS) and to try physiotherapy. I then went to physio and my therapist was positive that it wasn't pfps.. but anyways we continued with physio and I did it for twice a week for 8 weeks. After the eighth week we decided to get another opinion on my knee as it wasnt helping and why go to something expensive twice a week for something that's not helping? So I saw another ortho surgeon in Brampton and he said I had good mobility but my knee was still extremely inflamed and was still having lots of pain so he figured a cortisone shot would be the best approach so that's what we had done. I had my shot on January 30th and after it he said he thought that it would be good from now on and not to suspect of anymore more problems.. but 3 weeks after I woke up one morning not able to bend, straighten my leg or able to weight bare at all... so, here I am again waiting to see the ortho surgeon to see what the next step is, and my knee is in just as bad position as it was before i had gotten my cortisone shot.

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  • 19

    Treatment Ratings

      Physical Therapy, Orthotics, Surgery, Other
      Almost Cured
      Stretching, Acupuncture, Strengthening Exercises
      Rest, Platelet Rich Plasma Injection, Cortisone Injection

    I had 'runners knee' for years. Remember this is a catch all phrase to describe knee painwhere the cause isn't known. I agree that seeking out a good physiotherapist is the place to start. Ultimately for me I had an MRI which revealed nothing, but elected to have keyhole surgery which removed my plica and since then problem solved. No I hadn't heard of it either before the surgery... Took over a year to get to that point and then a few months recovery. Obviously surgery is a last resort. As an aside I'm not sure if running on forefoot is always the answer, but again for me increasing stride frequency has kept me injury free since, circa 3 years.

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    • Injury Status Recovering

    Treatment Ratings

      Almost Cured
      Acupuncture, Stretching

    Yoga session helped me. Knee felt slightly better, so I experimented with a little running mixed in with walking (outdoors, not on treadmill), and it didn't hurt, although toward the end of the walk/run, it began to tighten up.

    Still, a start. I think the yoga helped. Might be worth a try. I've also been doing some stretching/strength--nothing too structured, but squats, leg raises, toe raises, adductor/abductor, core, etc., per the doctor's advice.

    I agree about seeing a dr and getting MRI. I also plan to get some acupuncture, which has helped in the past. Not an alternative medicinepurist--there's something to be said for both Eastern and Western medicine.

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