Acupuncture for Runner's Knee (PFPS)

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    I had 'runners knee' for years. Remember this is a catch all phrase to describe knee painwhere the cause isn't known. I agree that seeking out a good physiotherapist is the place to start. Ultimately for me I had an MRI which revealed nothing, but elected to have keyhole surgery which removed my plica and since then problem solved. No I hadn't heard of it either before the surgery... Took over a year to get to that point and then a few months recovery. Obviously surgery is a last resort. As an aside I'm not sure if running on forefoot is always the answer, but again for me increasing stride frequency has kept me injury free since, circa 3 years.

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      Almost Cured
      Acupuncture, Stretching

    Yoga session helped me. Knee felt slightly better, so I experimented with a little running mixed in with walking (outdoors, not on treadmill), and it didn't hurt, although toward the end of the walk/run, it began to tighten up.

    Still, a start. I think the yoga helped. Might be worth a try. I've also been doing some stretching/strength--nothing too structured, but squats, leg raises, toe raises, adductor/abductor, core, etc., per the doctor's advice.

    I agree about seeing a dr and getting MRI. I also plan to get some acupuncture, which has helped in the past. Not an alternative medicinepurist--there's something to be said for both Eastern and Western medicine.

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