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    NSAIDs - Anti Inflammatory drugs, Ice, Massage, Strengthening Exercises

I'm a track coach and this is a guide I've written up for my athletes for treating the actual physical issue. There could be issues in your form, shoes, feet etc. that make you prone to this kind of thing but in some cases it's just simply from imbalances in strength in the muscles.
Shin Splints 101
Some basic shin splint care is based around 3 things:
� Strengthening Exercises
� Massage
� Dealing with Inflammation
Exercise 1 � Place your butt against a wall. Place your feet together and about 2-3 ft in front of the wall. Now raise your toes, keeping your heels stationary. Raise your toes 10 times.
Exercise 2 � Keeping your heels together and your feet the same distance from the wall, point your toes outward. Raise your toes 10 times, as high as they can go.
Exercise 3 � Now point your toes inward, raise your toes 10 times, as high as they can go. Repeat 1-3 2 times total.
Feet Position should look like
\ /
/ \
Calf Raises: Stand with your feet together and go up to your toes 2x15, again full range of motion (all the way up, all the way down)
Toe Crunches: Exactly what it sounds like. Crunch your toes 50 times in the morning, 50 times at night. Increase the numbers as you feel you are getting stronger.
Grab some hand cream or something like that and grab a nice big glob in your hands. Lather up your shins and dig in, make sure you really dig in and break up adhesions in your muscles, digging on both sides of the shin bone, work out your calf as well. This isn�t meant to be comfortable, really dig in there, you will know if you�re in the right spot mostly but how sore it is. You don�t want to kill it but you should work through the discomfort a little bit and feel it loosening up a bit.
Inflammation: Ice, Ice and more Ice. Get a good icepack, heck a bag of peas or corn will work if you�re in a pinch. After you massage make sure you ice for at least 15 minutes on the shins. 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off � 2 or 3 times while watching TV at night will go along way to helping!
If your shins are really bad and I mean really bad you can take some Aleve or Advil which are anti-inflammatory, Aleve is recommended. 2 Aleve pills in the morning and 2 before you go to bed. Take it for 3-4 days. You don�t want to take the pills for too long obviously but it will help with the initial inflammation if they are almost unbearable.
This isn�t going to be an instant fix, you really need to stick with the strengthening exercises doing them daily and massage every other day or everyday if you feel if it�s necessary. A few weeks of this and your shins should be feeling better!

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