Surgery for Shin Splints

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      Almost Cured

    I�d love to chime in here. I have spent the last 9 months battling what began as a shin splint that I believe was attributed to 1.) a change in shoes, 2.) an increase the days of week I ran. I a seasoned runner and had only increased my mileage slightly, but was running 6 days a week. After about three weeks of this and the new shoes on a Saturday run I began to have some discomfort. After one more 5 mile run the next morning I could barely walk. I took a week off but still had persistent pain and developed point tenderness. Three weeks later an MRI revealed a stress reaction. I took a total of 10 weeks off of running but cycled and swam for cardio. I was released to run and began slowly and only twice a week. Six weeks after being released the pain returned and was more intense. An MRI revealed a worsened reaction so I went non- weight bearing for six weeks. Four days after returning to weight bearing the pain returned and a CT revealed a complete fracture � right at the location of point tenderness. I underwent surgery to place an intramedullary rod and am at four weeks post op. My recovery is going well and my anticipated return to running is in four more weeks � and I have already resumed all other non-�pounding� activity. I know my case is probably rare but has been a test of patience and will power. Not to mention learning that listening to my body, proper cross training and rest are essential to my running health.

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