Review for Achilles Tendinitis

  • Age 35-54
  • Male
  • Injury Status Cured
  • Chronicity 0 - 6 Months
  • Runner Yes

Treatment Ratings

    Boot, Physical Therapy, Supportive Shoes, Proper Running Form

I had a problem with my left Achilles in 2010, when I was diagnosed with degenerative Achilles tendinosis with some micro tearing. Rest alone didn't help, so my orthopedic surgeon put me in a boot for three months followed by six weeks of PT. It was frustrating to be out of action for that length of time, but it worked for me.

Although I was predisposed to have Achilles issues, I think the trigger for me was a pair of ill-fitting running shoes. I'm much more aware of my form now, focusing on my posture and a midfoot strike. I also started adding in Galloway walk breaks on my long training runs to keep from fatiguing my Achilles too much. Another change I made was moving my cleats a little rearward on my bike shoes to take some pressure off my Achilles while on the bike.

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