• Injury Status In Pain
  • Chronicity 2 - 3 Months

Treatment Ratings

    Cast, Boot, Surgery

My surgery was March 12, 2015. It was also my right foot. I was in 3 casts and a boot and was not able to drive until June 19, 2015. My recovery never seemed right, although I did everything I was told to do by my podiatrist (who did the surgery and treatment). I was an excellent patient. I finally went to an orthopedic surgeon, however, because my previous doc never addressed my limping and charlie horses or lack of ability to build my calf muscle. Apparently my tendon was either not repaired correctly or reruptured, because I was just diagnosed with a complete rupture again. It is unclear if the podiatrist ever even had it repaired, as he never did a post surgery MRI. I am looking at another surgery, but potentially with a graft tendon. Getting help from others was the hardest part. Getting around town for groceries, doctor appointments, etc. was difficult. For getting around the house, I recommend a knee scooter (with a basket). The knee scooter saved me from a lot of discouragement and gave me a lot of independance in my home. I wish you well, and my advise is: be sure you have the right doctor, follow their orders (don't rush it) and use a knee scooter. Good luck!

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