Review for Achilles Tendinitis

  • Age n/a
  • Injury Status Cured
  • Chronicity 6-18 Months
  • Runner Yes

Treatment Ratings

    Orthotics, Night splint, Heel Lifts, Supportive Shoes
    Not Improved
    Shockwave, Massage, Rest, Eccentric Protocol, Stretching

It took me 18 months to shake insertional Achilles tendinitis. I took 3 months off and had zero pain, took a week of low mileage to piss it off again.
To help cure it, I had electro shock wave performed. Stretching, eccentric heel drops (even the modified ones where you stop at parallel), traditional PT and ART all did nothing.
When I first started feeling better, I would mix in swimming. I found it helps loosen me up.
I have been healthy for a year now, even through ironman training. To keep myself from getting reinjured, I wear zero drop shoes with over the counter orthotics and a heel lift on my bad leg. My wife uses the marathon stick to roll my calves. On days where I have speed work, I wear a night splint to bed.
It is a very frustrating injury, but you can recover. It was a long path of trial and error with many wrong turns for me.

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