Self Massage for Lower Back Pain

Your Ultimate Guide For a DIY Lower Back Massage

Of the 34,000+ treatment reviews for lower back pain , our patient community rates massage as a top treatment option.

A back massage relieves pain and promotes better recovery and health. A massage also promotes muscle and joint flexibility and increases blood flow to repair the injured parts of the body. Getting massaged regularly helps manage the wear and tear of life.

A massage is needed on a daily basis, especially when you have chronic pain. That is why we all should learn to do some basic massage techniques ourselves in order to reduce the pain and promote healing when our back hurts.

Read on for a quick guide for a self massage that will ease pestering lower back pain.

Give the self massage a try and let us know your outcome! Share your treatment experience with the community and receive personalized treatment recommendations.

In The following videos, Chantell Havens from Healing Touch Massage, demonstrates simple and easy to do massages. All that is required is two tennis balls.



There you have it! Use these self massage techniques daily to get rid of your lower back pain.

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