Postural Modifications for Lower Back Pain

Postural Modifications Treatment is Rated Highly by Patients

With over 20,000 lower back-pain treatment ratings and reviews, a top rated, but underused, treatment is Postural Modifications, or improving your posture.

Postural modifications means paying attention to, and improving posture when sitting, standing, walking and even sleeping. This simple action plan can go a long way and may result in a remarkable increase in function and decrease in pain.

Many of us spend a lot of our days, sitting which is something that our body is not build for. It’s easy for most of us to forget about posture when we are constantly sitting at a desk leaning over keyboards at work, or over our phones throughout the day.

We first have to mention The Posture Guru of Silicon Valley, Esther Gokhale, who has cured many patients and become a posture celebrity. Hear Esther speak on posture at TEDxStanford below:

The next video is good example for a healthy sitting posture from Sonoma Body Balance:

Maintaining good posture is important in preventing, and relieving, back pain. Make a point to pay attention to your posture every day!

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